“Zomvideo” (a combination of “zombie” and “video”) is an upcoming horror/comedy movie starring ℃-ute members Yajima Maimi and Nakajima Saki. Maimi plays the role of the heroine Aiko, as announced in an update of hers on the official ℃-ute blog, and Nacky plays the role of Kanabu (which is Japanese for “drone beetle”). Comedienne Torii Miyuki is also listed as a cast member in the movie, and plays the role of the zombie leader Yasude. The movie is tied-in with ℃-ute’s single “Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko”, which serves as the theme song. The tagline for the movie is “The world’s cutest zombie movie!”, and a short description from the official website reads:

In order to break out of the office full of writhing zombies, the heroine Aiko rises!

The director of the movie is Murakami Kenji, who previous directed Hello! Project member Mano Erina in the television drama “Mano Spy”. According to the event information, the running time of “Zomvideo” is approximately 77 minutes. “Zomvideo” is currently scheduled for a release in Spring 2012, and will be screened during two special events held during the month of October.


Event Information

The advance private screenings for “Zomvideo” will be held in Osaka on 10/15 (11:00AM/2:45PM/6:20PM) and in Tokyo on 10/16 (12:30PM/4:00PM). Maimi, Nacky, and Murakami Kenji will appear at both locations and will address the audience and participate in a talk show. In addition, they will personally hand out a special present for everyone in attendance at the Osaka events. Co-star Torii Miyuki and all of the members of ℃-ute will appear at the Tokyo events, which will have a special showcase for the theme song, “Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko”. Tickets for the events cost 3000 yen, and will be available at ℃-ute’s event on 9/10, and then through the Hello! Project fanclub starting 9/12.

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