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Details on Maimi and Chinami’s ANNEX Event

Maimi and Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami’s “HaroPuro ANNEX” fanclub events were held today, and a few details have emerged via 2ch and Twitter. At the event, Maimi and Chinami sang “Seishun Song” (Maimi’s solo from ℃-ute’s 4th album), “Ai no Imi wo Oshiete!” (W’s 5th single), and “Arigatou Otomodachi” (a song from Berryz’s first mini-album). The two of them also each made scrapbook like images, which ℃-ute staff member staffff2 shared on Twitter. (Maimi’s is on the left, Chinami’s on the right.)

Blog update: “Today”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 1/27 blog update, titled “Today“:

This update was written yesterday.

Good evening
It’s Maimi

I’m sorry for updating this late

I had several jobs,
and at each and every place
various people said “It’s a little early, but…“, and gave me birthday presents

I had no idea that I would get anything today, so I was surprised

I’m really happy that a lot of people are celebrating my birthday

At the same time, the countdown to my 20th birthday has begun~ I feel…

Recently, I’ve strongly felt “I want to study various things

Today I went and studied a play

Ahh I really learned a lot
Before I went to practice, I had a lot of anxiousness and nervousness,

but from the bottom of my heart I feel “I’m glad I went

I studied acting,
and listening to opinions…

I think it was a profound day

Ah, and then, today I had a job with Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan(*^^*)

The two of us talked a lot

(1) ←Today’s scene

We started talking about old times, and we had an energy like we could talk forever

I’ll write about what we did again in a later blog

(2) A bonus shot

Well well, until tomorrow
I’ll update early tomorrow


It’s been reported on a lot this morning, but Satoda Mai-san and Tanaka Masahiro-san have become engaged

They really suit each other…

Again, congratulations on the engagement
And then, always, always be happy…*clover*

Maimi Sightings for 1/21

℃-ute staff member staffff2 tweeted this shot of Maimi from the concerts today, and wrote that Maimi’s left arm in the picture is actually Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami’s.

Blog update: “Bustling morning”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 1/6 blog update, titled “Bustling morning“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

A lot of people came to yesterday’s handshake event, so I was really happy

I got lots and lots of power from everyone’s handshakes and face-to-face comments(*^^*)

It was also cold outside, so everyone’s hands were numb from the cold… I wonder if everyone was alright

For coming in the cold, thank you very much

When I read the comments, it seems there were people who couldn’t come because of plans or circumstances, or they lived too far away

Though I always think it, I want to be able to have events at concerts at more and more places…

For that reason, I gotta do my best

I want to someday go and meet those who I haven’t met yet
Yeah I’ll do my best

And then, after the handshake event was over yesterday, my grandmother and mom came to pick me up with my pet dogs

It seemed like Cologne liked being on top of my grandmother’s lap, and she always made a carefre face while being carried

On the way home, my mom took a detour and passed by places with pretty lights

“Look, that’s Tokyo Tower” and
“It’s dark, but this is the Sky Tree
she explained to my grandmother while driving

Grandmother “Oh, it’s amazing Cologne, it’s amazing Look

Cologne “Zzz…

Me “Cologne isn’t interested…

Our conversation on the way home was like that

In addition, my cousin came to play this morning, so my house was really bustling(lol)

Though they came yesterday, they left before I returned home, so I couldn’t meet them(^-^;

It seems they went out in my brother’s car yesterday

Today my brother and grandma will also go out together

“Your brother’s not up yet~( ̄з ̄)?”

she asked restlessly

My granny is probably happy~

Well, now is today’s pictures

Yesterday, while saying

“Maimi~, I bought pretzels~(≧∀≦)” Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan gave me this(ToT)


I put cream cheese and caramel sauce on them,

and it was super delicious

During a break, I was stuffing my cheeks…

I really love them Pretzels
Thanks, Chii

Yesterday, we also had a photoshoot before the handshake event, and the staff said

“Take what you like” about the accessories we used,

so for some reason,
I took some pens that looked like something Chii would like

And lastly, a 2-shot with Airi


Airi became really excited about the small erasers at the photoshoot

Alllllright I’ll tanobaru today too

Maimi, Chinami to perform together at “HaroPuro ANNEX”

The Hello! Project official fanclub website has posted the news of another Berryz Koubou and ℃-ute collaboration, the fanclub event “HaroPuro ANNEX ~Berryz Koubou x ℃-ute = Sweet♡~”. Each day of the event features a different Berryz Koubou and ℃-ute pairing, and Maimi will appear and perform with best friend and Berryz Koubou member Tokunaga Chinami for two performances on 2/10.

Other pairings include Sudou Maasa and Okai Chisato (2/9), Kumai Yurina and Nakajima Saki (2/13), and Shimizu Saki, Sugaya Risako, and Hagiwara Mai (2/14). Buono! members Tsugunaga Momoko, Natsuyaki Miyabi, and Suzuki Airi appear to not be participating, likely because of their concert in Paris on 2/12. Full details of the event can be found here.

Hello! iPhone Project 2011/12 special edition

The website MacPeople has uploaded the December edition of their series Hello! iPhone Project, where Hello! Project members discuss the various apps they play. This month featured Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami (iPhone 4), Sugaya Risako (iPhone 4), and of course, Maimi (iPod Touch). Here’s a translation of the article:

Yajima: The staff has the same app, so we battle to see who can clear it first. It’s not just a time-killer, but it’s also fun using my head!

Moguratataki by Hangame
Sugaya: It’s a game I found when I felt like whacking moles. It’s a stress reducer!

Tokunaga: This is super funny, and when you tap on the button the strange old man on the screen farts
Sugaya: What the heck? That’s hilarious!
Tokunaga: When I did it in the train, I could see the people next to me making weird faces

iKanji Drill
Yajima: Since you can study kanji with this, I recommend it
Sugaya: How amazing~
Yajima: But I really can’t read kanji. There are times where I’ve gotten all the questions wrong (lol)

Stop It! Free
Tokunaga: It’s part of a series of soothing apps that relieve my stress, like birds chirping and the sound of water dropping
Yajima: On the contrary, this app only stresses me out… Stopping it on exactly 5 seconds like in “Stop It! Free”, I think “Ah~, I’m almost there” and I get irritated

Tzura Catch
Tokunaga: I like pointless games. For example, “Tzura Catch”
Yajima: Enough already. I can guess what it’s like just from the name
Tokunaga: You move an old man left and right and time it so that wig lands correctly. It’s really difficult, so I still haven’t gotten too into it

Kenuki no Tatsujin
Sugaya: Ah, I have this one!
Tokunaga: The trick is to slowly pull it out with your thumb. Cause if you pull it out quickly, the hair breaks
Sugaya: Pulling it out after pushing for a long time is also good. This is fun

Osawari Tantei Nameko Saibai Kit
Sugaya: “Nameko Saibi Kit” is popular, and I’m completely addicted to it. Fellow member Miyabi-chan (Natsuyaki) taught me about it
Tokunaga: I play it too! During their free time, Risako and Momo (Tsugunaga Momoko) would say “Ah, my nameko rotted”, so I thought “What the heck are these guys talking about?” When I tried it out, I became totally addicted (lol)

Zombie Booth
Tokunaga: Do you know about “Zombie Booth”, the app that turns a picture of your face into a zombie?
Sugaya: That’s scary~. The teeth and what-not are extremely real
Tokunaga: I have two sisters, and I made those two’s faces into zombies and showed it to them. Then, my mama said “Don’t show them that!”, and got really mad at me. I never thought I’d get in trouble for an iPhone app (lol)

The three girls also commented on their two upcoming releases: “Amazuppai Haru ni Sakurasaku” by Berikyuu and “Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku” by Mobekimasu.

Amazuppai Haru ni Sakurasaku
Tokunaga: It’s the ending theme for the Berikyuu movie “Ousama Game”, which releases on 12/17. It’s a graduation song, so it reminded me of when I was a middle school student (lol). By the way, the outfits are hakama!
Yajima: It’s a graduation song, but since it’s being released in November…
Sugaya: It’s the feeling of anticipation!

Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku
Tokunaga: There’s a lot of people, huh
Yajima: I wouldn’t notice if someone was missing (lol)
Sugaya: In regards to the song, the singing assignment is really complex, so remembering it was really difficult
Tokunaga: There’s also 3 patterns for the dance
Yajima: The PV filming was amazing
Sugaya: It was really hurried (lol)
Yajima: There’s a scene where everyone moves as they please, and I want people to pay close attention to that
Tokunaga: Though everyone was scattered, it was actually funny!

“Wata@ame” 10/3 recap, Part 3

Here are the previous recaps for Maimi and Chinami’s appearance on “Wata@ame”:

Part 1 Part 2

After having successfully clearing their mission and winning the signed posters for the viewers, the hosts Matsuo and Katou introduced the next corner: “Find the 〇〇 Pico”. They all opened the laptops in front of them, as Michelle explained that today’s event is “Find the Pico Props Champ!” The rules are that they have 10 minutes to get as many “Pico Props” as possible in the Ameba Studio rooms. Whoever gets the most Pico Props wins, and the bottom 2 have to perform a punishment game.

For those who are unfamiliar, Ameba Pico is a service where you can create an avatar (in this case, a “Pico”, but called “Pigg” in the Japanese version) and then spend time with other users in various rooms. If you see a person whose Pico you like, you can click on them to give them “Pico Props” (“Good Pigg” in the Japanese version).

The punishment for the players who get 3rd and 4th place was decided by last week’s hosts, the comedy duo “Rocchi”, and was that they had to continually say “It’s hard as a rock!” like a handsome guy. With everything in place, all of the players appealed to the viewers to give them “Pico Props”, and the game began.

Ten minutes later, Michelle notified all the players that time was up and told them all to return to their in-game rooms. They then announced their scores one-by-one: Matsuo got 136 Pico Props, Katou got 189, Chinami got 170, and Maimi got 158. As a result, Matsuo and Maimi had to do the aforementioned punishment at the end of the program.

Matsuo then announced that the show would soon be ending, and asked the girls for their impressions. Chinami said that she knew a lot about Ameba Pico since her little sister plays it, and that it was fun and she wants to do it again. Katou told her that people from all over the world were participating, not just from Japan, which surprised Chinami.

Maimi said that she doesn’t usually use a computer, but it was fun, and that she hopes a lot of people learned about Berryz Koubou and ℃-ute from watching the quiz. Matsuo then asked Maimi how many people she thought were watching, before telling both of them that the count was over 22,000.

After a conversation about what they thought of the hosts, Matsuo invited the girls to promote their upcoming releases, with Chinami introducing Berikyuu’s 11/9 release “Amazuppai Haru ni Sakurasaku” and Maimi introducing Hello! Project Mobekimasu’s 11/16 single “Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku” and describing the meaning of the title. Matsuo pointed out that Chinami didn’t talk much when doing her promotion, and she said it was because she’s bad at it and is an idiot, which Maimi protested.

Out of the blue, Katou suddenly asked the girls if they’re prohibited from having relationships, which the two confirmed. He added that it’s strict, but Chinami said that they like singing and dancing more, and it’s fun to perform for the fans. With that talk aside, the girls then introduced the premiere of the music video for “Amazuppai Haru ni Sakurasaku”.

After the video had finished, the group set about completing the final corner, in which they had to come up with a command for next week’s hosts, the comedy duo “Haraichi”, who Chinami knew but Maimi didnt. Once that was settled, Matsuo and Maimi took their spots in front of the camera to complete their punishment for coming in last in the Ameba Pico game. As Katou and Chinami egged them on, the two repeatedly said “It’s hard as a rock!” and slapped their biceps like handsome guys to end the show.

“Wata@ame” 10/3 recap, Part 2

The first part of the recap of Maimi and Chinami’s appearance on “Wata@ame” can be found here.

Continuing with the quiz corner, Chinami introduced the 2nd question: “How many members are in Berryz Koubou?” Both Matsuo and Katou both correctly guessed 7, bringing the score to 2-0. Before Maimi could present the next question, however, her mic fell off and she had to have it reattached by a staff member.

After that was taken care of, Maimi presented the 3rd question: “Goukon (Japanese for a drinking party comprised of members of the opposite sex) is short for goudou konpa, but what is idol goukon short for?” Matsuo said that it certainly couldn’t be a mixer where they drink with boys, before finally guessing “goudou concert”, which was the correct answer.

The next question, presented by Chinami, was “What idol project do ℃-ute, Berryz Koubou, Morning Musume, etc. belong to?” However, Chinami couldn’t read some of the kanji in the question and had to consult with Maimi, which caused her to be teased by the hosts. Matsuo began to talk about how he was familiar with it because one of his comedy seniors, and accidentally let the answer, “Hello! Project”, slip out.

The score was then 4-0, and the hosts only needed one more correct answer to clear their mission. Maimi revealed the next question to be “How many dogs does Yajima Maimi have?” After much stalling, Katou guessed 5 dogs, since it’s the same as the number of ℃-ute members. The correct answer, however, was 3.

On to the 6th question, “What does Maimi usually throw during concerts?” Katou said he knew because he goes to all the concerts, and he guessed shuriken (ninja stars), but then changed his answer to balloons along with Matsuo. Chinami revealed the correct answer to be “sweat”, but Katou had trouble believing that Maimi hasn’t thrown shuriken even once.

Still needing only one more correct answer to win, Maimi gave the hosts the next question: “What is the tallest member in Berryz Koubou’s height?” Matsuo and Katou asked for several hints, including how short is the shortest member (150cm, 4’11”), where does Chinami’s height rank (3rd), and how tall is Chinami (164cm, 5’4″). Katou ended up guessing 175cm, which was only 1cm off from the correct answer, 176cm (5’10”).

Chinami presented the 8th question, “How old was the youngest member of ℃-ute at the time of her audition?”, but was again teased by the hosts for her poor kanji reading skill. They both then incorrectly guessed 10-years-old, bringing the score to 4-4 and leaving Matsuo and Katou only 2 more chances to clear their mission.

After stumbling on the pronunciation of the song name a bit, Maimi gave the hosts the 9th question: “In the Berryz Koubou song “Special Generation”, there’s the lyric “〇〇 sugidatte”. What word goes in place of 〇〇?” Katou initially tried to pass, but then Chinami kindly offered the hint that it was the name of a train station. Both hosts guessed Ikebukuro, which was the correct answer, finally clearing the mission and winning the 3 sets of signed posters for the viewers.

“Wata@ame” 10/3 recap, Part 1

This past Tuesday (10/3) Maimi appeared with Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami on the USTREAM show “wata@ame”. The hosts of the show, the comedy duo Zabunguru’s Matsuo Yousuke (sitting on the left, wearing glasses) and Katou Ayumu (right), and the assistant MC Michelle introduced themselves and the show’s corners before they brought in Maimi and Chinami.

Matsuo started by asking the girls if they were familiar with Zabunguru, to which the girls responded by mimicing their one-shot gag, saying “It’s hard as a rock!” and slapping their biceps. They were then asked their age, and when the girls both responded that they are 19-years-old, Matsuo asked them if they were close friends in their private life.

Chinami said that her and Maimi are super close friends, so Katou asked them what they do together. Maimi said that they go to the aquarium, and because Chinami loves sea lions, she made her go see the sea lion show twice. Because Maimi said “made her”, Katsuo laughed and asked if it was okay to say that because they were close friends, to which Chinami acknowledged that they really are close friends.

Katou said that him and Matsuo are similarly close friends too, and they went to the aquarium too and saw the manatee. He added that they also take baths together, but Chinami said that her and Maimi don’t do that. The two members of Zabunguru assured them that someday they’ll reach the point in their friendship where they take baths together, though.

After the opening talk was finished, Matsuo introduced the first corner: “Pestering the guest!? Give us a present!” For this corner, if the hosts complete their mission, they will win a present from the guests to give to the audience. Maimi and Chinami then revealed that they brought 3 sets of signed posters for Berryz latest single “Aa, Yoru ga Akeru” and ℃-ute’s latest single “Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko”.

Katou thought that it was a pain in the ass that they had answer questions to get the gift, so Matsuo hit him on the head for complaining, and then again when he wouldn’t stop crying. After Katou calmed down, Michelle explained that today’s mission was that Zabunguru had to pass the idol quiz, and needed to get 5 questions right in order to do that.

Katou was surprised that it was only 5 questions instead of all of them, and declared that it’d be an easy victory, but Chinami said that the questions were considerably difficult. Katou’s confidence didn’t waver, as he claimed to have all of “Berry Koubou” and ℃-ute’s CDs. Matsuo doubted him and asked how many CDs there are, and Katou responded that he has over 100. Chinami and Maimi protested that they don’t have that many CDs, but Katou said he bought multiple copies.

Moving on to the quiz, Maimi introduced the first question: “How many members are in ℃-ute?” Matsuo guessed 5 and Katou guessed 9, because of ℃-ute’s name (9 is often pronounced “kyuu” in Japanese), but they eventually agreed on 5, which Maimi revealed as the correct answer. Katou said that the question was too easy, but Maimi brought up that he originally said “9”, to which he feigned ignorance.

Maimi, Chinami to appear on “wata@ame”

Maimi will be appearing with Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami on the regular USTREAM program “wata@ame”, which will be broadcast from 9:00PM JST (8:00AM EST) to 10:00PM JST (9:00AM EST) on October 3rd on the AmebaStudio USTREAM. The appearance was announced on the blog of comedian Katou Ayumu (which can be read here), who will be co-hosting the show with his “Zanbunguru” partner, Matsuo Yousuke.

B℃ST “LIVE NEXT!!” goods

The official Hello! Project website has added the goods list for this weekend’s upcoming “LIVE NEXT!! Featuring Hello! Project” event on 9/3, where the special unit B℃ST will make their debut. The goods consist of a group photoset, and an individual photoset for each of the five members (Maimi’s pictured above). More information on the group B℃ST can be found in this earlier update.

“LIVE NEXT!!” goods list at the official Hello! Project website

Maimi joins special unit “B℃ST”

Maimi will take part in a special unit formed for the upcoming “LIVE NEXT!! Featuring Hello! Project” event on 9/3, called “B℃ST” (pronounced “bii kyuu es tii” and standing for “Berryz Koubou & ℃-ute Special Team”). Maimi is joined by Berryz Koubou members Shimizu Saki, Tokunaga Chinami, Kumai Yurina, and fellow ℃-ute member Nakajima Saki.

The October issue of B.L.T. magazine features a light-hearted interview with the members of the “mysterious unit” B℃ST (pictured above, courtesy of the fans at 2ch), where the girls try to figure out the reason they were put together, decide on who will be the leader of the group (Chinami gets elected), and try to come up with a concept for the unit (“a fumbling group”). Unfortunately, it seems as though for the time being B℃ST is a one-shot unit for “LIVE NEXT!!”, as B.L.T. describes them as a group formed just for that purpose.

More information on “LIVE NEXT!! Featuring Hello! Project” can be found at the official Hello! Project website.

Maimi and Chinami “Rare Coupling Battle Talk”

For the recent “Hello! Pro Maruwakari vol. 3” mook, Maimi participated in a “rare coupling battle talk” section with her long-time best friend, Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami. Here are their comments on each other:

From Chinami to Maimi

Me and Maimi’s characters aren’t similar, our fashion sense is totally different, there’s practically no similarities (lol). But, somehow or other we have a mutual pace. If I’m going to compare Maimi, I’d say she’s a person who is like “fireworks”. She stores up her power backstage, and the instant she appears it’s like the bright explosion of fireworks, is how I feel.

From Maimi to Chinami

We’re often called the polar-opposite “Othello Combo” by those around us, but somehow our wavelength matches. Perhaps I’m attracted to her because she has a lot of things I don’t. Chii is a person who is like a “sunflower”. Bright, straightforward, and like she’s always being touched by the light of the shining sun. An image like she’s sun-tanning (lol).