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Maimi Sightings for 12/31

Hello! Project soloist Mano Erina uploaded a 3-shot of herself with Maimi and former S/mileage and H!P member Maeda Yuuka in an entry on her official blog.

In addition, Maimi’s profile picture on the website for Gatas Brilhantes H.P., UpFront’s futsal team, was updated along with the rest of the site.

Full translations of the other members’ entries can be found at blog!project.

Blog update: “Thank you”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 12/31 blog update, titled “Thank you“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

It’s New Year’s Eve
The weather was really nice today
Good weather for the end of the year… It made me happy

Actually, today I went to see S/mileage’s event with Mano Erina-chan

I also met Morning Musume’s Fukumura Mizuki-chan at the venue


Today Maeda Yuuka-chan will graduate from Hello! Project.

Today was her final performance.

Yuuka has been active in Hello! Project for about 7 years,

and finally at the end of today, the curtains will close on Yuuka’s life in show business…

At the event, they showed a video from her activities as an Egg up until now.

There were also parts where she overlapped with ℃-ute,
and I couldn’t stop crying…

In addition, there was also an indies song medley…

It brought back various memories of myself with Yuuka.

Though I think there were a lot of happy things and difficult things for her, Yuuka said

“Because all of the fans, I could do my best

Though she’s graduating, surely all of the fans will continue to cheer for her,

and because she’s carrying that support,
Yuuka has gotta be happy

I hope that the Yuuka who loves her family will make a lot of time with them,
and always laugh…

“Let’s go and eat together someday” we promised, and surely we can meet again

Yuuka, thanks for everything

Absolutely, absolutely be happy

Last is a picture with Yuuka

Well, in 3 hours it’ll be the new year

There were sad incidents in 2011, and it became a year where I again thought about the preciousness of life.

Naturally, more than ever, I found happiness and value in trivial things,

and so that I wouldn’t have any regrets everyday,
the feeling of “I want to have a wonderful day today too” grew inside me.

Each and every day this year, a lot of people supported me

The other members, all of the fans, the staff, family, friends…

I have a lot of gratitude for everyone who has supported me

Everyone always says “Thank you“, but those are my words

Like Yuuka also said, the cheering power from everyone is amazing

It gives me the power to work hard,
it makes me feel happy,

…hmm… I can’t convey this feeling of gratitude in words

I will reciprocate these feelings of gratitude to everyone with full-power

And then, we had the chance to work with various groups the second half of this year

I talked about it with everyone in ℃-ute too,
but because they were experiences like we don’t normally have, new discoveries were made, and I thought “I won’t lose“,

and though there were a lot of things I worried about, I think there were a lot of things I could do because I worried

In 2012 also, I will worry a lot and grow a lot

Please continue to support ℃-ute and Yajima Maimi next year too

Because of everyone who cheered for us in 2011, I was really happy

Thank you so very much

Let’s have a wonderful year together next year too


Maimi Sightings for 4/2

In Airi’s update “Sniffles.” on the official ℃-ute blog today, she reminded everyone that tomorrow (4/3) will be the public screening of her and Maimi’s new movies, “Keitai Kanojo” and “Black Angels”, and shared a picture of the duo (picture 1). Maimi also made an appearance with S/mileage in an update titled “Good evening!” on Maeda Yuuka’s official blog (picture 2), where Yuuka wrote about the day’s rehearsals for the upcoming ℃-ute and S/mileage joint concernt.