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“Hello! Station #68”, “UP-FRONT CHANNEL Recommend #2”

The latest episode of “Hello! Station” has been uploaded to YouTube, and Maimi can be seen in a continuation of the Hello! Station Dance Club practice from last week which starts at the 13 minute mark.

Maimi returns for the second installment of the “UP-FRONT CHANNEL Recommend” series, where she’s joined this time by Hello! Project trainee Ayano Hamaura to introduce and talk about the latest UP-FRONT Agency news and releases.

“Hello! Station #67”

The Hello! Station YouTube channel has uploaded this week’s episode, which features Maimi in the Hello! Station Dance Club practice at 14:17 (with comments from Maimi in an interesting shirt at 17:10) and backstage at the ℃-ute concert at 40:07.

“#1 UP-FRONT CHANNEL Recommend”

A new show titled “UP-FRONT CHANNEL Recommend” has debuted on the UP-FRONT YouTube channel, and the first episode is hosted by none other than Maimi and H!P trainee Nanami Tanabe. In the program, the girls introduce various releases and events by UP-FRONT artists.

“Blue Wind” digest

The digest of Maimi’s just released solo DVD “Blue Wind” has been uploaded to the official C-ute YouTube channel.

“SATOYAMA & SATOUMI” narration competition

Maimi appears alongside fellow ℃-ute member Saki Nakajima and Morning Musume ’14 members Haruna Iikubo, Ayumi Ishida, and Erina Ikuta to find out who will be doing the on-stage narration at the upcoming SATOYAMA & SATOUMI event in the first part of a series of videos uploaded to the SATOYAMA YouTube channel.

℃-ute news: “Alo-Hello!” digest

The official ℃-ute YouTube channel has uploaded a digest of “Alo-Hello! 3 ℃-ute”, which is now available on both DVD and Blu-ray.

”Birthday T announcement from ℃-ute’s Yajima Maimi”

The UF Goods Land YouTube channel has uploaded a video with Maimi introducing the birthday t-shirt for her 22nd birthday. The main point of this year’s shirt is the big heart on the front, which Maimi says she’ll be able to see easily from the stage, so Maimi asks everyone to wear it while they cheer for her. The shirt will be available starting February 1st at the Hello! Project concerts, at the birthday events on the 5th, 6th, and 7th, and on U/F ONLINE from February 1st to the 20th.

“Yajima Maimi in Hawaii”

The ℃-ute YouTube channel has uploaded a video titled “Yajima Maimi in Hawaii ~Watashi ga Honki wo Dasu Yoru~”. The video, filmed when ℃-ute was in Hawaii November of last year, starts with Maimi standing outside the same steakhouse ℃-ute visited when they went to Hawaii in 2012. Maimi tells the story of how she ended up eating 3/4lbs of steak by herself without realizing the other members were sharing, and so now she wants to try eating an entire pound of steak. Once the steaks are grilled (medium), Maimi gets her pound of steak, worcester sauce, rice, and a plate of some of her other favorite things and goes to work. Make sure to watch the video to see if she can complete the challenge!

In a final comment at the end of the video, Maimi writes that she gained 2kg as a result of the challenge, which was difficult to lose.

New solo DVD pre-order, digest

The preorder for Maimi’s newest solo DVD, still untitled, has begun on the e-LineUP! website. The pre-order period begins today, November 1st, at 6:00PM JST and runs until 11:59PM JST November 20th, and the DVD is scheduled to ship sometime in late-December. The listing includes a description, which reads as follows:

Yajima Maimi has released a lot of works on e-LineUP! where she’s challenged a variety of themes, but this time we made a DVD where the focus was on simply filming Yajima Maimi.

Underneath the red sunrise which changes moment by moment, inside a room bathed by the soft autumn sunlight, below the blue sky which blows with the sea breeze, and then by a white plaster wall dyed by the orange of the setting sun – We captured her beauty in a variety of situations.

We recorded an ample amount of talk, including an interview where she looks back on the DVDs released up until now.

Please look forward to the video of this girl overflowing with mature charm.

Normally only people living in Japan can order from the e-LineUP! website, but those of us outside of Japan who are interested in ordering the DVD can use a service like FROM JAPAN to do so. Finally, for those interested in a preview of the DVD, a digest has been uploaded to the official ℃-ute channel on YouTube, and can be seen below.

“Hello! Station #34” uploaded

Maimi returns for another week to host the Hello! Project YouTube program “Hello! Station”. Like last week, Maimi watches and comments on various clips featuring the other Hello! Project members. Also of interest to Maimi fans is the clip of ℃-ute performing “JUMP” at Nippon Budoukan at the 27:56 mark.

“Hello! Station #33” uploaded

This weeks episode of “Hello! Station” has been uploaded and features none other than Maimi in her hosting debut on the YouTube program. In addition to Maimi’s appearance as host, a live performance of ℃-ute’s new single “Tokai no Hitorigurashi” at Nippon Budoukan is also included in the episode at the 34:37 mark.

It’s not uncommon for the Hello! Project members to read YouTube comments on their videos, so make sure you leave a comment on the video showing your support for Maimi! I recommend including where you live, so Maimi can see she has fans all over the world.

Goods introduction, “Bagel ni Ham & Cheese” MV

The UFACTORY channel on YouTube has uploaded a video of Maimi and Suzuki Airi introducing a t-shirt and umbrella which will be part of the goods that will be sold at the ℃-ute Cutie Circuit events for their most recently single. The full list of goods available can be found at the U/F ONLINE site.

Meanwhile, on the official ℃-ute channel, the music video for the album song “Bagel ni Ham & Cheese” has been uploaded. The video can be found here.

“Eiyasa! Brother” music video

The SATOYAMA Movement channel has uploaded the stand-alone music video for “Eiyasa! Brother”, the single by Maimi’s SATOUMI unit “Mellowquad”.

Mellowquad “Eiyasa! Brother” music video

The music video for Maimi’s newest group Mellowquad’s song “Eiyasa! Brother” has debuted on the 24th volume of the UF-LICKS YouTube show. The MV can seen at the 6:29 mark, and features Maimi, Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami and Natsuyaki Miyabi, and ℃-ute’s Okai Chisato.

Maimi Sightings for July 17th: Airi, “Onitama”, “Haro!Sute”

Suzuki Airi shared this large 2-shot with Maimi in her update on the official ℃-ute blog.

▪The NACK5 “Onitama” blog uploaded a shot of Yajisuzu along with the radio program’s hosts.

▪The latest edition of the YouTube program “Hello! Station” has been uploaded to the channel of the same name, and features footage of Maimi and the girls in France at around the 21 minute mark.

Check out blog!project for full translations of the other ℃-ute and Hello! Project members’ blog updates.