a foggy doll

“a foggy doll” is Yajima Maimi’s 4th solo image DVD, and her second to be released exclusively on the Japan-only e-LineUP! website as part of the e-Hello! series. As the title suggests, the DVD combines the themes of foggy environments and doll-like costumes. “a foggy doll” is the first part of a 3-part series of DVDs to be released on the e-LineUP! website over the next three months, and those who purchase all three will be eligible to enter a lottery for a ticket to a special commemoration event.

Running time: Approx. 50 minutes
Order period: 7/19/2011 – 8/7/2011
Release date: 8/2011

“a foggy doll” listing at e-LineUP!


Translated from the description at the e-LineUP! listing:

The image of dancing beautifully within the mist, coupled with the BGM, produces a fantastic world without deja vu.
Also, the packaged doll was given life and moved freely from the box, achieving perfect beauty with her quiet movements.
Costumes and situations never captured before, and the evolution of her expressions are a must-see!
In addition, an interview more in-depth than ever before was recorded.



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