Blog update: “(Maimi)”

Maimi explains her absence from the ℃-ute blog in her October 23rd update “(Maimi)“. Full translation below.

Good morning!!

For starters,
I’m sorry for taking a break from updating.
Everyone’s concern reached me, and I felt really bad about it.

I wasn’t able to get my feelings in order, so I took a break from the blog until today.

On the anniversary of our formation this year, my desire to keep working hard with everyone was again strengthened,

and when we announced our disbanding, I said that I want to do everything I can to show my thanks to everyone who supports us with our remaining time,

but frankly I became depressed.

Right now, as the oldest group in Hello! Project, we have a lot of juniors.

I considered the effect we have on those juniors,
and thought “Isn’t this a good time to leave Hello! Project?”.

I talked to the company and shared my feelings, and when it was decided that we would disband, they sympathized with my desire to remain “Hello! Project’s ℃-ute” until the very end and they agreed to it.

Even though ℃-ute’s remaining time is limited, I caused everyone to worry and be confused, and for that I feel really bad.

And then,
I’m sorry for causing trouble for my juniors, the staff, and the many people who support us.

I am reflecting on break I took,
and the incredible amount of worry I caused the other members.

I want to show my gratitude even more to make up for the time I was away.


I think it’s really selfish to ask after causing so much worry,

but the 5 of us will continue to work hard until the very end, so please continue to support us.

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