Blog update: “Lots of pictures♪”

Maimi goes for some late-night shopping in her May 20th update “Lots of pictures♪“. Full translation below.

Good morning太陽曇り


Morning has arrived in Hong Kong~ラブキラキラ
I had a delicious breakfastパンコーヒー


After looking at the nightscape yesterday, we went to the night marketニコニコラブラブ

Even though it was night,
it was crowded and the street was lit up爆笑キラキラ

My impression of Hong Kong nights is that they’re dazzlingラブキラキラ

At Starbucks,
there was a kogashi marshmallow item that they don’t have in Japan,

so I tried ordering itラブジュース

It was really delicious音符ニコニコ
Will it come to Japan??(^^)

I’ll enjoy Hong Kong today tooおねがい音符


Well then, here are today’s announcements!!

First, I appear in the July edition of “non-no”, which goes on sale todayニコニコキラキラ

The photoshoot was with Country Girls’ Yamaki Risa-chanピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート

My make-up and hairstyle was different than usual, so it felt fresh, and the shoot was really funおねがいカメラ

In addition!!
I appear in the role of Momoyama Mami in episode 14 of the drama available on Netflix and Fuji TV On Demand, “Good Morning Call”キラキラ

I’ll appear until episode 16, so please be sure to check it outおねがいハート

At 9:00PM,
the YouTube program “Apukami” will be uploaded!!星

And then,
“℃-ute Yajima Maimi no I My Me♡Maimi~” will air at 10:00PM on FM PORT,

so please be sure to listenウインクパー


Well then, until the next updateおねがい

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