Blog update: “Gyaaa((((;゚Д゚)))))))”

Maimi welcomes a Yajima fanatic onto her radio program in her April 27th update “Gyaaa((((;゚Д゚)))))))“. Full translation below.

Today I recorded “Yajima no Heya ya na”, the radio program which Hello! Radio subscribers can listen to口笛!!


This day finally arrivedチーンガーンlol


That’s right! The guest was Kobushi Factory’s Fujii Rio-chan滝汗lol

There was also an urgent project, and I don’t really understand why, but I was completely exhausted after the recording笑い泣きアセアセ

Fujidon dislikes the urgent projectニヤニヤ!!

Be sure to check it out to hear just what kind of conversation unfoldedキラキラうさぎ

I also made an announcement about the Yajisuzu acoustic concert,

so don’t miss it when it starts streaming on May 2nd~ウインクパー

And then,
I also recorded for Radio Nippon’s “Hello! SATOYAMA & SATOUMI Club” todayおねがいラブラブ

It will air at 1:30AM on April 30th and May 7th,

so please be sure to check it out音符ウインク

Well then, until tomorrow’s updateニコニコパー

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