Blog update: “Oricon!”

Maimi celebrates the ranking of ℃-ute’s latest single in her April 27th update “Oricon!“. Full translation below.

Good afternoon太陽曇り

I appear in the issue of “Radio Bangumi Hyou Spring 2016”, which goes on sale todayお団子桜

And then, around 9:00PM,

the YouTube program “Hello! Station” will be uploadedおねがい音符


Everyone, please be sure to check it out!!ニコニコ


And then, our new single “Naze Hito wa Arasoun darou?/Summer Wind/Jinsei wa STEP!” went on sale April 20th,

and thanks to everyone’s support, what!!
It was 2nd place on the Oricon weekly chartsえーんピンクハート


Thank you so muchキラキラ
I’m really happyルンルン

It’s surprising to think that 1 week has already passed since it went on sale,

but I’m happy if as many people as possible listen to our new songsニコニコラブラブ

Well then, well then, I’ll fight on today tooグー!!
Until the next updateニコニコパー

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