Blog update: “It was fun(*^^*)”

Maimi finishes day 1 at Pacifico Yokohama in her March 19th update “It was fun(*^^*)“. Full translation below.

Good eveningおねがいピンクハート


The first day of “Asobu. Kurasu. Sodateru. SATOYAMA & SATOUMI he Ikou 2016” and “Hello! Project HinaFes 2016”,

which started at Pacifico Yokohama,

has finishedラブラブ!!


It felt like it had been a long time since I met all the fans,

so that by itself put me in a fun moodラブ!!

I appeared at booths and helped with the sales,

I was able to talk with everyone at the handshake event for our triple A-side single coming out on April 20th,
“Naze Hito wa Arasoun darou?”
“Summer Wind”
“Jinsei wa STEP!”,

I watched the video of the day trip I took to an undeveloped woodland with everyone and got excited talking about it,

I had a public recording for the Radio Nippon program that airs every Saturday at 1:30AM,
“Hello! SATOYAMA & SATOUMI club”,

and did promotions for Sado cityおねがいラブラブ


At HinaFes,
there are contents exclusive to today,

and though my heart was pounding,
I was able to enjoy it with all my mightウインクラブラブ

Tomorrow’s evening performance is the ℃-ute premium at long lastラブ!!

I want everyone who is participating to enjoy it, including seeing what the covers of our songs by the other groups are like,

and there’s also a song by the shuffle unit “6-pack”,

so be on the look out for that tooおねがいピンクハート


Everyone who participated,
everyone who watched on BS Sky PerfecTV!,
and everyone who couldn’t because of circumstances but still supported us, thank you so very muchピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート


I’ll have a fun day again tomorrowハートハートハート
If you have time, please be sure to comeウインクキラキラ

And then, an announcement for everyoneパーニコニコ


The next guest for “Yajima no Heya ya na”,
the radio program Hello! Mobile subscribers can listen to,
has been decided!!キラキラ

The next guest is a member of Country Girls爆笑ラブラブ


Who do you think it is??キラキラ( ̄▽ ̄)








It’s Tsugunaga Momoko-chanデレデレ!!

That’s why!
Questions you want to ask Momo and I,
impressions about the show, etc. etc.キラキラ

Anything is okay,
so please send in an e-mailピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート

It’ll become available April 1st,
so everyone, please be sure to check it outハートハートハート

Well then, sweet dreams…おひつじ座
Good night

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