Blog update: “Trivia!”

Maimi tries to find the source of the hay fever epidemic in her March 18th update “Trivia!“. Full translation below.

Good eveningおねがいピンクハート

I sweat a lot today preparing for HinaFes,

which will be held tomorrow and the day after at Pacifico Yokohama爆笑ラブラブ

It was warm but there was a cool breeze during the day today,
and as it calmed me I thought “I love this kind of climate照れピンクハートニコニコ!!

It seems there was a lot of pollen in the air, though真顔タラー

There wasn’t this many people who had hay fever in the past, right??

I wondered “Why are there so many people who have hay fever now?”,

and a well-informed staff member taught me some triviaびっくり!!

They said that as civilization progressed,
a lot of lumber was necessary for construction,

so they planted a lot of Japanese cedar trees which grow quickly and are easy to process!

But when we became able to import lumber from overseas cheaply, it seems the trees were no longer necessary, even though they planted so many.

The Japanese cedar and cypress were left as is,

and when the trees become about 30 years old,
they release a lot of pollen so that they can have offspring!びっくりアセアセ

That’s why the amount of people who have hay fever has increased to as many as there are now滝汗アセアセ


I got hay fever medicine from the hospital though,
so I’m able to put up with it right nowチュー!!lol

I love spring, but I wish I’d be cured of hay fever…アセアセえーん


I can finally meet all of the fans tomorrowおねがいラブラブ

I’m nervous, but I’ll tanobaruハートハートハート

I hope tomorrow will be a wonderful dayキラキラ
Good nightおねがい

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