Blog update: “Pupupu!”

Maimi finds herself unable to enjoy the fine weather in her March 17th update “Pupupu!“. Full translation below.

Good evening星空

Today was really warmおねがいチューリップ

Even though the weather was finally nice,
unfortunately I wasn’t able to go outside muchキョロキョロアセアセ

Alright! Later tonight at 9:00PM,

the YouTube program “Girls Night Out” will become available!!キラキラ


And then,

“The Girls Live” will air on TV Tokyo at 1:00AM, so please be sure to check it outピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート


When I placed my hand on Airi’s cheek,
Airi did the same to me,
but when she tried to take a picture with the cell phone in her left hand, she lost control of her right hand…

It seems she had trouble placing her right hand on my cheek! lol爆笑

Her hand was weird, and she took the picture the second we started laughingカメラハッ

It’s pleasant, isn’t it! lol

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