Blog update: “Hinamatsuri~♪”

Maimi makes a cute discovery on the eve of a national Japanese holiday in her March 3rd update “Hinamatsuri~♪“. Full translation below.

Today, March 3rd, is Hinamatsuri~ラブラブラブ

Yesterday, I saw these and thought “Cuuuuuute爆笑ラブラブ“,
so I bought themハートハートハート

The Emperor and Empress雛人形桜

They’re smilingニコニコニコニコlol

They like each otherウインク音符lol

The middle is white bean pasteラブラブラブ


And then, today I went to dance lessonsバレエキラキラ
I danced diligentlyおねがいパー

Now, I have announcements for everyone~おねがい!!

the YouTube program “Girls Night Out” was uploadedキラキラ

And then, “Yajima no Heya ya na”, the radio program available to Hello! Radio subscribers, also become available口笛

The guests this time are Hirose Ayaka-chan and Nomura Minami-chan from Kobushi Factoryラブ

Have you already listened??キラキラ

Those who haven’t,
please be absolutely sure to do soおねがい音符

The next guest for “Yajima no Heya ya na” has been decided tooおねがいラブラブ

The next guest is…


from our very own ℃-ute…


Airi-chan of the Suzukis爆笑ラブラブlol

When I thought about it, Airi and I have never really talked on the radio like this beforeびっくり!!

There was probably a time during our start,
but it feels really nostalgic, fresh…キラキラニコニコ

It’ll become available on March 16th,

so I’m waiting for a lot of people to send in e-mailsメール

Well then, well then, thank you for all your hand work todayおねがいラブラブ

Please have wonderful dreamsピンクハートキラキラ
Good niiiiight星空

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