Blog update: “Girly!”

Maimi tries out a new color while on vacation abroad in her March 2nd update “Girly!“. Full translation below.

we had a shoot for “UP DATE girls”, which goes on sale March 31st,
and “Ray”, which goes on sale April 23rdおねがいハイヒールハット

The weather was nice, so the sun’s rays were shining in,
and it felt really good照れラブラブ

Speaking of “Ray”,
Airi-chan of the Suzukis is one of their exclusive models,

and while in Hawaii,
she let me borrow her stylish and cute color of nail polishピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート

Since we went all the way to Hawaii,
I decided “I want to go out with a bright heart and bright hands(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))”,

so she lent me a bright color unlike which I usually wearキラキラピンクハート

My nails appeared a little in an earlier update,
and I was surprised about how many comments there were where people noticed that we were wearing the same color of nail polish!!!!!!!!ラブ

As expected of everyoneピンクハートキラキラ
You have sharp eyes, don’t you爆笑ピンクハート

By the way, today I tried putting on a pink-beige-ish colorウインクピンクハート

It’s really girly, isn’t it爆笑lol

Speaking of girly, tomorrow is Hinamatsuri桜雛人形
I hope tomorrow will be a wonderful day too!ラブラブ


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