Blog update: “Last day of February!!”

Maimi marvels at how fast the year is flying by in her February 29th update “Last day of February!!“. Full translation below.

Everyone who listened to “100% Hawaii” on FM-FUJI’s “SUNDAY DESIGNS“,

thank youおねがいラブラブ


There’s only 1 day left in Februaryアセアセ

It’s fast(^◇^;)
But a lot of things happened in Februaryピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート

So that’s probably why it felt fast, rightおねがい音符

Everyone, how was your February??

March is graduation season,

so I think there’s a lot of people who will be graduating~!!

Everyone who is graduating, please spend your remaining time without any regretsキラキラうさぎ

Well then,
let’s have a wonderful day today爆笑!!

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