Blog update: “Who will win? Exciting Fight!”

Maimi tries out a concoction recommended by a fan in her February 18th update “Who will win? Exciting Fight!“. Full translation below.

Good morning(°∀°)b


I had banana juice and a croissant this morningウインクラブラブ


Earlier, during a corner on FM PORT’s “℃-ute Yajima Maimi no I My Meピンクハート Maimi~”,

I received a letter that said “If you mix banana, soy milk, and soy flour, it’s delicious!!“,

so I tried itラブラブおねがい

I’m not a big fan of soy milk,
but I could drink it like thatラブラブラブ

I have a lot of energy from the banana this morningキラキラウインク

Let’s have a wonderful day today tooうさぎラブラブ

I played around with an app and made this pictures in the dressing room yesterday照れピンクハート

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  1. “Who will win? Exciting Fight!” is the name of the corner on Maimi’s radio show where fans recommend things for her to try, and she picks 1 of 2.

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