Blog update: “Ogata-chan!”

Maimi wishes a happy birthday to Morning Musume’s other Haruna in her February 15th update “Ogata-chan!“. Full translation below.

Today, February 15th,
is Morning Musume。’16’s Ogata Haruna-chan’s birthdayウインクピンクハート

Ogata-chan turns 17 todayキラキラニコニコ

Speaking of her,
it was cute when she cut her bangs too short at the start of the Hello! Project concerts照れラブラブ

At the Hello! concerts,
when Morning Musume。’16 is singing,
℃-ute is standing by to appear,

and at that moment, Ogata-chan gets close and crouches down facing towards me during the dance!

I watched thinking “Will we make eye contact?(^^)” the entire time, and though she didn’t look because she might have been shy,

now she looks at me every time,
and it always melts my heartニコニコラブラブ

It’s cute how she looks a little embarrassed when she looks at me, so it makes me smile from ear to earラブラブラブ

There’s only 1 performance remaining of the Hello! Project concerts,

so when I think that the Hokkaido performance on February 20th is the last time to have that kind of eye contact with her, I become a little sad(^◇^;)

I’ll make eye contact with all my power one last time! lol

I hope a lot of wonderful things happen for the 17-year-old Ogata-chan too!

Once again, happy birthdayピンクハート


Good night, this time for realハート

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