Blog update: “Valentine!”

Maimi puts the finishing touches on her homemade treats for a lucky few in her February 14th update “Valentine!“. Full translation below.

Good evening星空


We had individual polaroid & handshake events in Nishi-Shinjukuおねがいピンクハート

Since today is Valentine’s Day, I talked about it a lot口笛

I attached a picture while I was making treats on yesterday’s blog,

and I finished without a hitch爆笑ラブラブ

There was many different kinds of wrapping at my house,
so I tried using themチューラブラブ

Making treats is fun,
and wrapping them is tooラブルンルン

For everyone else, I’m sending out my feelings照れピンクハート

It was my first polaroid & handshake event since turning 24, so I received a lot of words of congratulation tooえーんラブラブ

I was happy照れキラキラ
Thank you(^O^)

The day was over in the blink of an eye,
and I had a fun time being able to talk to a lot of people about a variety of thingsおねがい音符

I’ll be happy if everyone had fun too口笛

Today was a wonderful day too о(ж>▽<)y ☆
It’s a true happy Valentine’s Day(^_-)☆

Everyone, what kind of day did you have?キラキラ

Please have wonderful dreamsおひつじ座星空

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