Blog update: “Madonna-san(T ^ T)”

Maimi enjoys the performance of a fellow performer in her February 13th update “Madonna-san(T ^ T)“. Full translation below.

Good evening爆笑ラブラブ

I went to see Madonna-san’s concert(≧∇≦)ラブラブ

It was so amazing, it was a hurricane of excitement(T ^ T)キラキラ

I couldn’t take my eyes off the performance for even an instantポーン!!

She was beautiful,
her figure is so amazing,
and her expressions, charm, and dance are all as great as can be…(T ^ T)

Like, even though she was right in front of me,
I couldn’t believe it~ラブラブラブ

I went home with a lot of motivation for the upcoming solo spring tourラブピンクハート

Even though it was a concert, there were scenes that made it feel like a musical and scenes that made it feel like a circus…キラキラ
At any rate, I really enjoyed the showピンクハートおねがい

I had a good experience爆笑ラブラブ

We will work as hard as we can too,
and put on a spring tour that satisfies everyone who comes!!ハート

It was a wonderful dayキラキラウインク

Good nightラブ星空

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