Blog update: “Last 2”

Maimi reaches the home stretch of the Hello! Project concerts in her February 11th update “Last 2“. Full translation below.

Good morning太陽曇り

Today we have a Hello! Project concert in Hiroshimaピンクハートキラキラ

Only the performances in Hiroshima and Hokkaido remain for the Hello! concerts that started on January 2ndびっくり!!

Since there’s only 2 performances left,
I want to enjoy today’s with all my power so I have no regretsグッウインク

Alright! Tonight at 9:00PM,

the YouTube program “Girls Night Out” will be uploadedキラキラ

In addition,

“The Girls Live” will air on TV Tokyo at 1:00AM,

so please be sure to check them outウインクラブラブ

Let’s have a wonderful day today tooキラキラ

(↑With Sendai native Morning Musume。’16’s Ishida Ayumi-chan at the Sendai performanceキラキラ

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