Blog update: “I’ve become 24”

Maimi celebrates her 24th birthday in her February 7th update “I’ve become 24“. Full translation below.

Yajima has turned 24 today!!ピンクハート

I think it’s really fortunate to be able to reach a birthday safely…ピンクハート

I’m happy and grateful that my parents, my family, and everyone can see me as a 24-year-oldニコニコキラキラ


What I’m thinking now that I’m no longer 23…
Is that Yajima was really happy this last year…クローバー

A lot of people supported me,
a lot of people showed me affection,
and I received lots and lots of happinessピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート

I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart to everyone who made it a happy year for me.

Thank you so very muchニコニコラブラブ

A lot of things happened in this year!!
Each and every moment, happy things and frustrating things, made me who I am now.

One of those moments,
the dream within a dream of ℃-ute standing on stage at Yokohama Arena,

will always remain burned into my memory.

In addition, meeting a variety of people,
challenging a variety of jobs,
having a variety of experiences,

each thing made me grow a little more.

Surely… I’ll continue to come across obstacles, I’ll be confused, and I’ll worry!!爆笑

But if I can grow through those things,
they are something really positiveニコニコキラキラ

I really want to show my gratitude more and more to everyone who has always, always saved me during those times up to nowピンクハート(T ^ T)
But my gratitude is so much that it can’t be expressedアセアセ
It’s over the limit滝汗lol

Therefore, I want us to keep running!!グー

I want to see more and more of everyone’s happy faces, laughing faces, and faces crying tears of joy when our dreams come trueおねがい流れ星

I want us to continue to push on so that we can share happiness with team ℃-ute!!グー

Everyone who will share moments like that with the 24-year-old Yajima, grab this fingerパー(←Ah, it’s not just one finger滝汗
Well, more people can grab with 5 fingersウインクlol)

And then, once again,
thanks to the other ℃-ute members!

Times we’re worried, times we’re nervous,
the 5 of us naturally stick together(^▽^;)

But when the 5 us stick together,
strangely I feel “With these 4, I’ll be okay!!
I can climb over any obstacle!!ニコニコラブラブ

They give me relief and make me feel strongerラブラブ

It’s no good if even one person leavesグー
They’re companions who have seen the same sights with me for close to 14 years,
so I want everyone to take each other by the hand and continue doing so!!

I’m fortunate to have companions who will continue running alongside meピンクハート


And then, lastly,
once again I am grateful to the parents who gave birth to me and raised me.

Earlier I had voice training,
and I came across a song that was popular in the past!

I didn’t know the song,
but the voice trainer said “Maybe it’s from your mother’s generation?”.

When I asked my mom about it after going home,

my mom didn’t know the song either,

and she said “I don’t remember what was on the news or what songs were popular when you guys were born at all~(^◇^;)”.

It made me think that she worked hard every day for the sake of our growth, without time to sleep, to turn on the TV, or any time for herself.

My brothers and I have all become adults to an extent, so now my mom and dad have time to themselves…
That makes me really happy.

For giving birth to us,
raising us with a lot of affection,
understanding us better than anyone,
and giving us such a happy life,

thank you so, so much.

Being born into this family is the thing I’m happiest aboutピンクハート

Though I’ve turned 24,
I’m sure I’ll still cause them worry and trouble(^▽^;)

Even at 24, even at 100, no matter how old I become,
I will always be my mother and father’s daughter,

and that’s what I’m most proud about in my life!

Please continue to take care of me from now until foreverクローバー

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