Blog update: “Concerning Suzuki Kanon.”

Maimi weighs in on the latest graduation announcement in her February 8th update “Concerning Suzuki Kanon.“. Full translation below.

Thank you for always supporting Hello! Project!

Yesterday Morning Musume。’16’s Suzuki Kanon-chan announced that she will be graduating from Morning Musume。16 and Hello! Project at their spring tour.

Kanon-chan has been a member of Morning Musume。 for 5 years,

but it seems she’s been studying a variety of things in order to achieve her dream of working in social welfare after she graduates.

Since she joined Hello! Project, her friendly smile and pleasantness has charmed a lot of people,

and she has a mysterious power where, even though I’m older than her,
I feel relief and like I want to spoil her when I see her smile.

When I think that I won’t be able to see that smile anymore when she graduates… I become sad,

but surely she’ll be loved by a lot of people
and the people who receive her peacefulness and soothing will smile lots and lots at her new job too~.

It makes me feel happy when I imagine that scene.

Ten people lead 10 different lives.
Each person was given their own life,
and we have just one life,
so I want people to do what they want without regrets.

I want us to cheer with all our might for Kanon-chan on the road she’s chosen!

I think there are a lot of people whose lives have had more fun and happy times since meeting Kanon-chan.

It’s the same for us members of Hello! Project!

I think Kanon-chan herself has received a lot of happiness from the people who support her.
Surely she’ll remember everyone when she stumbles or loses her way on her new path, don’t you think?
Everyone’s support will continue to be Kanon-chan’s power.

I hope we can all work hard on our individual paths while keeping the things we’ve given each other in our hearts.

let’s cheer for Kanon-chan on the path she’s chosen and for the dreams she wants to achieve together!!

Until the spring tour’s finale,
let’s spend a lot of happy times together and make the best memories.

Everyone, please continue to support Suzuki Kanon, Morning Musume。’16, and Hello! Project!

      Hello! Project leader    
                                             Yajima Maimi

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