Blog update: “Dash( ̄◇ ̄;)”

Maimi accidentally aids in an escape in her January 27th update “Dash( ̄◇ ̄;)“. Full translation below.

Good evening星空

Did everyone see tonight’s moon?キラキラ

It was the color of an egg yolk,
and it looked heavyおねがい月見

It was really beautifulラブラブラブ


And then,
today I went out to eat shabu-shabu with my family照れラブラブ

We talked a lot,
and I filled my tummy too照れピンクハート

I’m stuffedピンクハートチュー

When we returned home, my pet dog Aroma did it again for the first time in a whileガーン

I realized Aroma wasn’t around,

so I thought “Is she on the 2nd floor like always?キョロキョロ“, but she wasn’t there…


Yeah…真顔 She escaped…真顔

Maybe she was worried because no one called to her, because she was sitting in front of the entranceway! lol

I was the first one to open the door when we got home,
but she was so quick she didn’t enter my field of vision at all…∑(゚Д゚)

Right now she’s sleeping peacefully in front of me,

but I’m begging you not to do it again~笑い泣き Aroma~~アセアセlol

Now then, I’ll continue watching dramas音符
Let’s have wonderful dreams tonightラブラブ

Good night流れ星おひつじ座

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