Blog update: “Update!”

Maimi makes plans for later in the evening in her January 27th update “Update!“. Full translation below.

Good evening星空

Today’s weather was warm for the first time in a whileピンクハート照れ


The YouTube program “Hello! Station”,
which will be uploaded later tonight at 9:00PM,

will be updated starting todayおねがい流れ星

Various content will be changed,

and ℃-ute will challenge general knowledge triviaニコニコラブラブ

Everyone, please be sure to try the questions with us tooハートハートハート


I’ve made plans to watch the dramas I’ve recorded when I get home today!!!!!!チュー

I thought I’d do it yesterday, but I fell asleep before I could(^◇^;)

I’ll definitely do it todayプンプンOK

I can’t wait~ラブラブ
Well then, until the next update~ラブラブうさぎ

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