Blog update: “Concerning Kanazawa Tomoko.”

Maimi offers her thoughts on a recent announcement in her January 26th update “Concerning Kanazawa Tomoko.“. Full translation below.

Last night Juice=Juice’s Kanazawa Tomoko-chan announced that she was diagnosed with “endometriosis”.

I think everyone, including the Hello! Project members, was worried, anxious, and surprised.

But surely Kanazawa-chan feels that way the most right now and is struggling with frustration,

so I want all of us to combine our power to be able to support her and make her feel as relieved as possible.

From now, she will perform while watching her health.

If there’s a sudden change, she might take a break,

but I think the source of Kanazawa-chan’s spirit and power is everyone’s support,

and I think that everyone’s smiles will give her relief.

Therefore, please continue warmly supporting her as always.

I want the places she performs to be ones where she can forget about her anxiety and worry and have a fantastic time!

One of the benefits of being in a group is that the members can support each other when someone is having a tough time,

so I want the 5 members of Juice=Juice to join forces and overcome any obstacles they meet.


Now, Hello! Project members,
staff, and all of the fans,

let’s support Kanazawa-chan together!

     Hello! Project leader 
                                                Yajima Maimi

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