Blog update: “My left hand is…!”

Maimi gets a handful of a Tsubaki Factory member in her January 25th update “My left hand is…!“. Full translation below.


It’s cold, so I’m wearing my snuggly socks in the house~照れピンクハート

They’re really warmおねがいラブラブ

Yesterday I took a picture with everyone in Tsubaki Factory!!

(↑From left, me,
Kishimoto Yumeno-chan,
Ogata Risa-chan,
Tanimoto Ami-chan,
Asakura Kiki-chan,
Niinuma Kisora-chan,
Yamagishi Riko-chan)

Hey… Haven’t you noticed something?? lolニヤニヤ

Kishimoto-chan, who is next to me…
She’s making a confused face…(^◇^;)


There’s a reason for this…


Was it when I said “Hey, let’s take a picture togetherニコニコ” and pulled Kishimoto-chan to me?(^◇^;)

I don’t know when I started doing it,

but after taking the picture,

I realized that I was holding Kishimoto-chan’s hand((((;゚Д゚)))))))

Sorry, sorryガーン


I was like “Whoops∑(゚Д゚) I was holding your hand滝汗“, and we regrouped and took another pictureデレデレ

Yeah! This Kishimoto-chan is making a nice smile爆笑アセアセlol

When I checked the pictures after taking them,
it was easy to read Kishimoto-chan’s face in the first one,

so it was a little funny爆笑ラブラブ


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