Blog update: “Mexico final day!”

Maimi returns to Japan without having been able to get a full night’s sleep in Mexico in her October 7th, 2015 update “Mexico final day!“. Full translation below.

The final day in Mexico!!

We woke up early this day and left Mexico飛行機曇り

The 6 days flew by in the blink of an eye!!!!!!

While in Mexico,
I’d wake up every night at 1:36AM for some reasonポーン

It’s strangeキョロキョロ!!

In addition, each time I’d wake up thinking
“Aaaah(//∇//) I slept wellピンクハート It’s morning晴れびっくり!!

Then I’d be surprised like “Eh? Only an hour and a half has passed( ゚д゚)”!!ハッ

Maybe it’s because of the high elevation,
but I felt like I slept a lot in just a short amount of timeびっくりアセアセ

I wasn’t able to sleep much after that…;^_^A

It’s interesting, isn’t itニヤニヤ

There was a picture taken by the staff during the Mexico concert that I really likeハート


Doesn’t Hagi-chan look really, really cool??キラキラ

The concert was really fun(・∀・)

I hope I can meet everyone again some dayハートハートハート

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