Blog update: “POWER!!”

Maimi shares the fans’ comments with Chinami and goes over the day’s appearances in her January 23rd update “POWER!!“. Full translation below.

Good morningニコニコピンクハート

I took a screenshot of everyone’s comments on my earlier update and sent them to Tokunaga Chinami-chan,
who is currently studying abroad,

and it seems it gave her a lot of power to work hard\(^o^)/

Changing the subject,
the YouTube program “UP-FRONT CHANNEL Recommend” has been uploadedニコニコキラキラ
I host it with Hello! Project trainee Ichioka Reina-chan, so please be sure to check it out(・∀・)ラブラブ

And then,
comments from ℃-ute will air on J:COM TV’s “J-Enta” at 6:00PMおねがいラブラブ


At 10:30PM on Music Japan TV,
“℃-ute Special” will air again, so please be sure to check that out tooピンクハート

At 3:05AM,

Nacky and I will appear on TV Tokyo’s “Mezase! Unidol Nippon Ichi! Geneki Idol kara Manabu Idol no Gokui!”ウインク!!

It’s on late, but please be sure to check it out tooキラキラ

today we have Hello! Project concerts in Osakaラブキラキラ

Our first performance in Osaka this year~~音符

I hope today is a wonderful dayラブラブ照れ

With Morning Musume。’16’s Kudou Haruka-chanピンクハート)

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