Blog update: “Powerful!!(^^)”

Maimi starts the new year off with a visit from a rambunctious relative in her January 18th update “Powerful!!(^^)“. Full translation below.

I said that I’d write about my New Year’s with my nephew later,

but I didn’t write about it at all,

so shall I get started…(^O^)

To start, I think everyone has probably forgotten…( ̄▽ ̄;)

When I returned home from the Countdown Party on New Year’s Day,

my sister-in-law and nephew were thereピンクハート
My brother had various things going on, so he couldn’t come,

but everyone but my nephew was awake waiting for me(^^)ラブラブ

Everyone was watching Chisato’s appearance on a live program,

so my pet dogs tried to stay up with everyone at the start,


but they fell asleep before I realized itラブラブラブ Cuteピンクハート



Too cuteeeeeeeeえーんピンクハート

In addition, as I was thinking that I couldn’t stand how cute the ones sleeping cuddled up to me were,

someone snuggled up to my shoulders…ハート


I leaned back against the sofa,
and she slept on the top of the sofa clinging to my shoulders爆笑キラキラ

In addition, she made an annoyed face when I took the picture σ^_^;lol


We went to sleep early in the morning,

but around noon,

I was woken up by the voice of my nephew saying “How late are you going to sleep?えー“! lol

When I went into the living room, everyone was already awake,
and my bustling day off began照れピンクハート

It seems my nephew loves Yo-kai Watch,

so we began pretending we were in Yo-kai Watch!

He asked me “Which does Maimi-chan like?口笛“,

but I don’t really know the characters,

so I pointed at one and said “Alright, maybe this one?ニコニコ“,

and he handed me a piece of paper saying “Okay! Help me make it!!ウインク” and we began work together!!lol

It turned out like thisチュー


My nephew drew it and I colored! lol

By the way, before I woke up, my family had already made this! lol


He said “Try wearing it!”,

and it looked like this when I put it on!!lol


My dad did housework while wearing it! lol

After playing Yo-kai Watch make-believe, we all went to our first shrine visit of the yearキラキラ絵馬

When we got into the car, my nephew said “Maimi-chan, sit next to me!”ラブラブラブ
He sang the eeeeeentire time until we arrived爆笑lol

After we got there,
my mom and sister-in-law walked ahead,

and my dad and I walked behind them holding my nephew’s hands,

and he asked us “Um, do ‘vooom!’おねがい!!

“Vooom!”, huh……キラキラ

I liked it when I was little too, so people often did it for me爆笑アセアセ

It’s where you lift the person up by their handsパー

We said “One, two, threeeeee上矢印上矢印” and lifted him up,

and it seems he liked it, because he asked us “Again, again!” countless times笑い泣きアセアセ

It made my arms really tired! lol

He even made plans to do it on the way home saying “Again, when we go back, can we do it?口笛“! lol

It was cute how he always stuck to me saying “Hold my hand!” during the shrine visitラブラブラブ

During the prayers, he clapped in time with those around him and bowed silently,

so I admired him thinking “He’s a kid who can read the mood!”キラキラ照れ


On the way back, there was a cart selling cotton candy in Yo-Kai Watch bags,

and he said “I want that!爆笑“…

And then,
it seems he also wanted to eat a chocolate banana,

so I bought both for him,

and he looked at me and said “Thanks!”チュー

He asked me “Does Maimi-chan want to eat some too??(•o•)”,

but I said “It’s okay! Eat it(^^)”,
and I was surprised that he really ate all of it!!

I thought he’d fill up on the banana and there’d be some left over,

but I guessed wrong!! lol

In addition,
he’d look up at me and say “It’s yummyピンクハート” with each bite(≧∇≦)

If it makes him that happy,
I want to buy him as much as he likes! lol

We returned home,
and I helped out with dinner by making the miso soup,

and he said “Eh? Maimi-chan made it?(((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) It warms me up~照れ” before he even drank it… lol

He’s really good at praising( ̄▽ ̄)lol

Even though he had eaten a chocolate banana,
he ate a lot of dinner,

and said “Seconds! …Hey? Aren’t I amazing?(^o^)”… lol

He’s at that age where he wants to be praised爆笑音符

After eating,
we played with Yo-Kai Watch medals,

but while playing, I’m the one who became sleepy! lol

Children’s endurance is immeasurable∑(゚Д゚)lol

It might have been because he was actually sleepy,

but he became grumpy when it was time to go home…


Nephew “Huh? Where’s the Yo-Kai Watch bag?” (←The one that had the cotton candy in it!)

Dad “Sorry. There was nothing left in it, so I threw it away(⌒-⌒; )”

Nephew “Why!(#`ε´#)”

Dad “Grandpa’s mistake, alright, look! I’ll clean it up with a wet tissue!”

Even still, he didn’t stop pouting…

Mom “If you keep making that scary face,
Maimi, did you say will you stop playing with him? That scary face isn’t cute!”

Me “That’s right. Is it alright if I stop playing with you?”

He shook his head while making a face like (◎`ε´◎ ),

so my mom said “Look, you need to smile and say bye-bye! Say ‘Let’s play again!'”,

and he tried to smile with all his might while glaring, so it was a funny face(`u´)

Everyone was laughing because it was cute!

That made him mad again,

and he left like “Hmph!(`ε´)”!


Oh my~(^◇^;)
He became angry!

So I gave up and went back into the living room,

but after a while,
the door to the entranceway opened,


and he said “Maimi-chan, let’s play again!(>ロ<)”!

When I rushed over to the entranceway,

the Jibanyan bag I gave him before was hanging from his neck,

and he said “Thanks for this too(>ロ<)”…(≧∇≦)


Did he think “It’ll be bad if she doesn’t play with me anymore!!アセアセ” and frantically search for something to break the ice?(≧∇≦)

He’s really cuteキラキララブ

I said “I got it! I got it! Let’s play againピンクハート“,

and we properly parted with a smileラブラブ爆笑


It was a hectic and bustling New Year’s Day,
but my nephew shared his power with meキラキラ爆笑

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