Blog update: “Found it(T ^ T)”

Maimi stumbles upon a treat from her youth and discovers a new one in her January 20th update “Found it(T ^ T)“. Full translation below.

I found it!爆笑

Oroblanco, which I loveピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート


My mom and I would often buy it at the supermarket and eat it together when I was youngラブラブラブ


But I haven’t been able to find it recently,
so several years ago I wondered “Does oroblanco really exist??
Was that an actual memory?アセアセ“…

I became worried,
so I researched oroblanco! lol

And then, a big, green citrus fruit just like the one I remembered showed up,

so I became really happy thinking “As expected, it was a real memory!!キラキラ

After that, I wasn’t able to find it for a long time,

but at the supermarket today,
the first place I stopped was by a sign that said “Oroblanco”ラブキラキラ

When I saw all the oroblanco lined up,
I got really excited thinking “That’s rightキラキラ This is it, this is it~(T ^ T)”えーんラブラブ

I bet my mom will be delighted~~ラブラブラブ
I bought 2ピンクハート


Oroblanco are pretty big,
but there was an even bigger round thing next to themびっくり!!

I thought “What’s this?キョロキョロ“,

and “melogold” was written on the sign口笛!

It was the first time I heard of it, so I became interested and bought oneおねがいパー


I wonder how it tastesラブラブラブ
It feels like a waste to eatピンクハートウインク


It was a happy afternoon where I was reunited with a fruit I have a lot of memories ofラブラブラブ

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