Blog update: “Today!”

Maimi makes the day’s morning announcements and wishes a fellow ZYX member a happy birthday in her January 20th update “Today!“. Full translation below.

Good morning太陽曇り 

Today at 9:00PM,
the YouTube program “Hello! Station” is scheduled to be uploadedピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート


In addition,
“℃-ute Special” will air again on Music Japan TV at 10:30PMおねがい!

It’s a music video feature,
so everyone, please be sure to watchおねがいラブラブ

And then, today is Yaguchi Mari-san’s birthdayキラキラ

I remember when we did gardening together at last year’s SATOYAMA & SATOUMI eventキラキラニコニコ

We made a beautiful garden!!

We were together for ZYX and she shot with ℃-ute when we were indies aiming to debut,

so she’s been a senior who I have worked with a lot for a long time(*^.^*)

Happy birthday, Yaguchi-sanバースデーケーキピンクマカロン

Please have a wonderful yearピンクハートニコニコ

Well then,
let’s have a HAPPY rest of the dayラブラブ音符

Until the next updateハートハートハート

(↑With Country Girls’ Inaba Manaka-chanキラキラ)

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