Blog update: “Nagoya!”

Maimi braces for the cold as winter finally arrives in Tokyo in her January 17th update “Nagoya!“. Full translation below.

The Hello! Project concerts in Nagoya are finishedキラキラおねがい

Today was a fun day爆笑ラブラブ

Did everyone who participated enjoy it??ニコニコ

There’s a part where we go close to everyone in the audience,
and I saw everyone smiling full throttle up close,

so it made me feel happy音符ラブ


I was able to see everyone sitting far away dancing with us and waving their glow sticks tooハート音符

Thank you to everyone who participated and everyone who supported us even though you couldn’t participateハート


It seems it’s going to snow tomorrowびっくりアセアセ

It’s a little late, but it feels like winter has finally arrived in Tokyoゲッソリアセアセ

It’s going to be cold everyone,
but please be careful not to catch a coldキョロキョロアセアセ


Lastly, I’ll attach a picture from todayラブラブラブ

(From left, me,
Hello! Project trainees Hashimoto Nagisa-chan and Horie Kitzuki-chan,
and Kobushi Factory’s Hirose Ayaka-chan)

Make tomorrow a wonderful day too! lolキラキラ

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