Blog update: “Birthday”

Maimi plans for her birthday and celebrates another Hello! Project member’s in her January 12th update “Birthday“. Full translation below.

Good eveningラブラブうさぎ

Today was a cold day, wasn’t it雪の結晶

During the day, I went to a meeting for the birthday event on February 7thバースデーケーキピンクマカロン

We decided what songs we’d sing and what things we’d doキラキラおねがい

I hope that it’ll be something that everyone enjoysピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート


Here’s a picture of my pet dog Cologne-chan, who is born on February 7th like me~~カメラ


She’s easygoingラブキラキラ

And then, speaking of birthdays,
today is Mitsui Aika-chan’s birthdayラブラブバースデーケーキ

Aika came to see the Hello! Project concertsハートハートハート


Even though she’s younger than me, her presence gives me relief照れラブラブ

And then, I also respect her as a womanラブキラキラ

She really attentive to those around her~~おねがいラブラブ
Whenever we go out to eat together, she divides up the food,
and when my drink is empty, she fills it up before I notice,

so I’m moved each time(T ^ T)ラブラブ

If I was a man, I’d want a wife like herキラキラlol


I hope happiness comes to the 23-year-old Aikaおねがいピンクハート


Let’s have wonderful dreams tonight照れ星空
Good nightzzzラブラブ

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