Blog update: “I went this year too!”

Maimi returns to a holy spot for all Maimi fans in her January 12th update “I went this year too!“. Full translation below.

Good morning(o^^o)

Yesterday, on Coming of Age Day,
I went with my mom to Kunouzan Toshogu神社猿


It was raining the first time I went to Kunouzan Toshogu by bicycle 4 years ago to pray for the success of our new single at the time, “Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku”,

but it’s been sunny every year since太陽曇り
It was reaaaaally hot yesterday, so I took off my jacket while climbing the stone steps(^◇^;)

I was able to meet the people of Kunouzan Toshogu who helped me when I prayed for a hit,

and they told me “Since then, the people who visit carrying a bicycle has increased(^^)”キラキラ

That’s right, 4 years ago I carried a bicycle up those stone steps in the rain(゚Д゚)!!

My mom was out of breath while climbing the stone steps,
and was again surprised at me back then, saying “It’s really amazing~~(°_°) I can’t believe it!!”! lol

But when I think that there are people visiting with their bicycle just like me…\(゜□゜)/

It’s amazing(T ^ T)

It was a really wonderful day that had reunions with people I haven’t met in a long timeおねがい!!

I hope today is a wonderful day too…キラキラv(^-^)v




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  1. hi,jared hows going !? I hope meeting you at Hello!Project event or so

    best wishes ! see you

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