Blog update: “Today!”

Maimi’s plans with Mai take a detour in her January 8th update “Today!“. Full translation below.

※This blog was written yesterday.

Good evening流れ星

After work today,
I went with Mai to see the play that Sudou Maasa-chan and ex-℃-ute member Kanna-chan appear in, “Quantum Dolls”おねがいラブラブ

When we arrived at our seats, Mitsui Aika-chan was there to watch tooピンクハート


Both of them had a lot of highlights,
and they gave off a strong presence(≧▽≦)キラキラ

And then, they got their lines across wellラブラブラブ
Their roles had peculiar atmospheres,
so they gave off a completely different ones than usualラブ!!

I was able to talk to them after it was over,

and Kan-chan was still always smiling and funny…ラブラブラブ

It felt like we’ve been together every day (o^^o)ラブラブ


And then, Maa-chan was Maa-chan as always! lol


It’s my mask that I gave her to hold when I took a picture with Kan-chan… lol

I forgot about it, and she held it the whole time;^_^A
Sorry, sorry. lol

I got to see the 2 of them doing wellキラキラ
I got to have fun conversations with them againキラキラ
So I was really happyラブラブラブ

Take care of your bodies,
and tanobaru until the closing dayラブハート


Afterwards, Mai and I headed to Disney Sea to use our After 6 Passports!!キラキラ


After arriving at Maihama, where Disney is located,
we learned that we couldn’t use them todayガーン Noooo….


Because of that,
we went binge eating(T ロ T)lol

The 2 of us went to a yakiniku restaurant and ate a ton of meatラブラブ爆笑

But we suddenly remembered what happened,
and were like “It feels like we came all the way to Maihama to eat yakiniku;^_^A”…

Since we started feeling down,

we decided “Let’s get refreshed!!(^O^)/”,

and went to nearby batting cages in Maihama…野球lol

It’s been a while since I’ve been to oneラブラブラブ

I completely forgot the feeling,
but while I was hitting balls,

I recovered my batting sense and was like “That’s right!
Watch the ball closely!”キラキラ
The memories of often going to batting cages with my family when I was little came flooding back(^^)

Hagi-chan worked hard and got a hit too!





Just looking at the picture, it’s cute how it seems like she’s furiously waving the bat back and forth(≧∇≦)lol

But, but,
even though she’s a beginner, she can hit the ball with the bat~爆笑

Even though girls are usually scared of the balls flying at them when they stand there!!びっくり

In addition,
the 2 of us challenged pitchingパー

Hagi-chan was incredible笑い泣きキラキラ

She shouts “Uryaaaa!” and “Oryaaaa!” when she throws! lol

In addition, it was like she was throwing the balls at the ground…

It was to the point where if people she didn’t know watched,

they’d think “Is that girl angryびっくり?”! lol

And then, as for me,
I couldn’t throw a strike at all,

but I loved the pitching game and played it a lot when I was little,

so it was a little frustrating feeling like I lost to little Maimi(^◇^;)

But going to the batting cages with Hagi-chan was fun(^^)
I sweat a lot as usualハートハートハート

It was an unplanned and unexpected development,

but spending time like that is nice sometimes爆笑ラブラブ

Later tonight at 1:15PM,
“The Girls Live” will air on TV Tokyoおねがいキラキラ

It’s the first broadcast of this yearおねがいラブラブ
Please be sure to check it outウインク


Today was a HAPPY dayキラキラ
I hope tomorrow will be a nice day tooハート


Good nightキラキラ流れ星

I made a variety of mistakes in yesterday’s update on the subject of Morning Musume。’16’s Ishida Ayumi-chan’s and Country Girls’ Yanagawa Nanami-chan’s birthdaysびっくりアセアセ

I forgot that it is the beginning of the year,
so I calculated their ages as if it was 2015アセアセ

Ayumin, Yanagawa-chan, sorry(>人<;)
And then, everyone…
I apologize for all the mistakesアセアセアセアセアセアセアセアセ

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