Blog update: “Oh my(^◇^;)”

Maimi shares a cooking tip but forgets to hit send in her January 5th update “Oh my(^◇^;)“. Full translation below.

I wrote this update at 2:00PMアセアセ
I forgot to send it(>人<;)

Good afternoonうさぎラブラブ

I cooked rice cake this morning(^^)ラブラブ

Rice cake with walnut sauce is delicious,
but there’s actually one more way that Yajima likes to eat it照れピンクハート


Here’s how(^^)
In a frying pan with plenty of oil,
cook both sides of the rice cake爆笑ラブラブ

Then put soy sauce on itハート
The outside is crispy and the middle is chewy,
so it’s as delicious as can be(≧▽≦)ラブラブ


Please be sure to try it, everyone~ラブラブラブ


Picking up now where I finished that update…_| ̄|○

We finished today’s New Year’s Hello! Project concert at Nakano Sunplaza(^^)ラブラブ


Thank you for so much participationハートハートハート

Thank you to everyone who supported us even though you couldn’t come too✨チュー

The Hello! concerts have been happening daily since the 2nd,
but we’ll take a little break until the 9th and 10thおねがい音符

Today Hello! Project trainee Ichioka Reina-chan returned after falling ill,
so we had a Hello! concert with all the members present(・∀・)

I’m really happy that no one has been absent due to the flu yetラブラブキラキラ

The flu is going around at this time each year,

but as expected, I want to put on performances with all of the membersハートハートハート


Health is number 1!!

Everyone, please take care not to get sick, okラブラブ

There was only one performance today,
so it felt like it was over in the blink of an eye,

but I smiled a lot, so it was a HAPPY timeピンクハート

I’ll be glad if everyone feels the same way tooウインク!!

And then, today Takahashi Ai-san and Mitsui Aika-chan came to watchえーんピンクハート

They also gave me their impressions,
so I was reaaally happyえーんラブラブ

I’m really grateful that they’re always looking out for usピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート

Alright, I’ll do my bestキラキラ!!爆笑

Well then, well then,
thank you for all your hard work todayウインクラブラブ

Sweet dreams (o^^o)


(↑With Morning Musume。’16’s Ikuta Erina-chan!流れ星)

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