Blog update: “HAPPY…”

Maimi’s day exceeds her expectations in her January 4th update “HAPPY…“. Full translation below.

Thanks for all your hard work todayウインク

Everyone who had work today,
was it a wonderful day??おねがいピンクハート

Today we had more Hello! Project concerts at Nakano Sunplaza,

and since it was difficult for people starting work to come,

I was actually a little worried(^◇^;)

But a lot of people came today too, so I was really happyラブラブラブ

Thank you so muchえーんピンクハート
And then, thank you to everyone who supported us even though you couldn’t comeキラキラおねがい

Everyone’s smiles made me happy today tooハートハートハート


We were given cake in the dressing roomラブキラキラ





Fruit cake is the best爆笑スイーツ

It was reaaaaally delicious(≧∇≦)ラブラブ

Let’s have a happy day tomorrow tooラブラブ音符
Well then, good night流れ星

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