Blog update: “New Year’s greetings!”

Maimi looks back at 2015 and ahead to 2016 in her January 1st update “New Year’s greetings!“. Full translation below.

Happy New Yearキラキラ猿

2016 has begun爆笑ラブラブ

For us in ℃-ute,
the year was over so fast(*^^*)

A lot of things happened,
like the 10th anniversary of ℃-ute’s formation,

our first solo concert at Yokohama Arena on that day,

conquering all 47 prefectures on the NaruChika live house tour,

a concert in Mexico…

And a lot of other things too……ピンクハート


The times when I felt happy,
everyone who always supports us was thereハート

Those who couldn’t be there sent their feelings to us lots and lotsえーんラブラブ

I’m really happy that, even 10 years after our formation,
I can see the members’ smiles next to me and everyone looks ahead with the same feeling,

and these last 10 years, when things looked bad and weren’t going well,
everyone continued to watch over us.

Once again, I was filled with the feeling of “Thank you.” to all those people in 2015.

Changes like Berryz Koubou going into a hiatus and Hello! Project members graduating and joining have happened at a dizzying pace,

and during the year ℃-ute became the oldest group in Hello! Project.

There were a lot of situations I couldn’t get used to that perplexed me,
but the support of the fans, the staff, and my juniors carried me through this year!!キラキラ

I’m really grateful.

℃-ute and Hello! Project will keep running forward to live up to everyone’s support in 2016 too!!


What kind of year will this year be?(^^)

Surely it’ll be a year full of happiness for us and all of youピンクハート(^^)

…Or should I say, let’s have a happy year!!爆笑グー


So that ℃-ute can get closer to our dream of “Saitama Super Arena”,

and then, so that we can grow team ℃-ute around the world as much as possible,

and more than anything, so that we can see the smiles of everyone we love a lot,

we will tanobaru this year too!!グーラブラブ


So that Hello! Project can become something that everyone will recognize,

I will combine my power with everyone and aim higher as a member of Hello! Project!!

Please continue to support Hello! Project and ℃-ute this year tooピンクハート


I hope everyone has a 2016 where lots of happiness rains down on you…流れ星




I’ll write about the Countdown Party in a later update音符キラキラ

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