Blog update: “18!”

Maimi sends birthday wishes to a Country Girl in her December 27th update “18!“. Full translation below.

Good eveningニコニコ流れ星

Today is Country Girls’ Inaba Manaka-chan’s 18th birthdayおねがいピンクハート


She always has a sparkling angel smile,
so she’s really soothingピンクハートキラキラ

She’s a really good girl who takes those around her into consideration and is really clear-headedラブラブラブ

There’s probably a lot of people who think “I want a daughter like herラブラブラブ爆笑ラブラブ

And yet, her dancing is sharp and coolラブ!!

The gap between that and her sweet face and voice is wonderfulびっくりラブラブ

She’s become a senior in Country Girls,
and I’m really looking forward to how she’ll change from here onチューラブラブ

Inaba-chan, have a wonderful yearピンクハート

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