Blog update: “Christmas is ending(>_<)"

Maimi practices for the upcoming Hello! Project tour as the holidays wind down in her December 25th update “Christmas is ending(>_<)“. Full translation below.

Today’s rehearsal has finishedおねがいピンクハート

We’re finally reaching the end of rehearsals爆笑!!

In addition~…

During rehearsal, there was something that really grabbed my attention…

I casually looked at Kobushi Factory’s Fujii Rio-chan’s file…

And it was one with my face printed on it(  ゚ ▽ ゚ 😉

Without thinking,
I went “Eeek(((( ;°Д°))))”! lol

Th, th, thanks… for u, using it…(;^ω^A lol

When I think that it’s used to organize Fujidon’s positioning, notes, and lyrics cards,

I think Yaji-file must surely be delighted(;^ω^A

Let’s do our best heading towards the actual performance音符ウインク

Now then!!
Did everyone have a fun Christmas!?

Once Christmas is over, New Year’s Eve will be here before we know itびっくり!!

Let’s enjoy 2015 to the very end without any regretsラブピンクハート

Good nightおひつじ座キラキラ

Thank you to everyone who listened to “℃-ute Yajima Maimi no I My MeピンクハートMaimi~”,
which just aired on FM PORT(・∀・)音符

It’s the last broadcast of this year,
and I’m really grateful to many people for listening again this yearニコニコラブラブ

The next episode will air on New Year’s Dayおねがいラブラブ
I’ll be happy if everyone can hear my voice early in the new yearハートハートハート

I’ll work hard so that the program can continue for a long, long time next year too, so please be sure to keep listeningキラキラニコニコ


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