Blog update: “On sale tomorrow!!”

Maimi reminds everyone about ℃-ute’s new album on the eve of its release in her December 22nd update “On sale tomorrow!!“. Full translation below.

Good eveningおねがいラブラブ

Finally, tomorrow!
“℃maj9”, our first album in 2 years, goes on saleラブキラキラ

We’ve already revealed several of the new songs on the radio,

but there are still a lot of songs we haven’tチュー


Each of the members have a song where we’re featured,
so I’ll be happy if you enjoy it while thinking “Who is singing which song?”ハートおねがい

In addition, there’s a song where everyone sings in chorus,
and lots of our single songsウインク音符

The number of songs with melodies and atmospheres unlike any before increased all at once,

so we’re also looking forward to the day we can perform them wondering “What kind of choreography will they have at a concert?キラキラ
and “What kind of production will they have?音符ウインクピンクハート

I think that you’ll be able to enjoy the next ℃-ute tour even more if you listen to the album a lot,

so please be absolutely sure to master the songsおねがいラブラブ




Everyone, please pick up “℃maj9″\(^o^)/

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