Blog update: “In Aichi!”

Maimi is moved by her interactions with the fans at the special box set events in her December 19th update “In Aichi!“. Full translation below.

Good eveningおねがいラブラブ

The handshake & signing & polaroid events in Aichi have finishedハート!!


Hearing “Have a happy New Year~!” makes me feel a little sad(^▽^;)

Everyone said
“I’m kinda sad(´・ω・`)”
and “I kinda feel like crying( i _ i )” too,

and those words tugged at my heartstrings(〃∇〃)
I feel the same way照れラブラブ

Today there were people who I met for the last time this year and people who I’ll meet again this year,

but I really hope that I can see everyone’s smiles again next year…ハートハートハート

I was able to meet everyone at the polaroid and signing events
and was able to talk to everyone at the handshakes,

so it was a really happy timeラブラブキラキラ

I can feel everyone’s affection from your eyes,
and it always causes my heart to overflow with the feeling of “Thanks(T ^ T)”えーんラブラブ

It’s true when they say “Eyes say more than words!”おねがいピンクハート

To the people thinking “I was nervous, so I couldn’t speak well´д` ;”,

it’s okayおねがい I understood you clearlyハートハートハート


Everyone who participated,
everyone who couldn’t participate but cheered for us, thank you so muchチューキラキラ


This picture is of the juice I drank during lunch音符口笛


And the wasabi uirou we were givenピンクハートおねがい


Both were deliciousキラキラ照れ
Thanks for the treatsハートハートハート

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