Blog update: “Final day!”

Maimi gets ready to bring the autumn tour to a close in her November 28th update “Final day!“. Full translation below.

Good morning虹

Today is the finale of our autumn tour!!びっくり

Time has really flown byポーンアセアセ

The Hello! Project trainees who have participated in the tour up to now have a Nama Tamago Show! performance today and won’t be participating in today’s performance,

so it’ll be different than usual,

but we’ll work hard while having fun so that everyone enjoys it!!ラブラブ

Trainees, fight on too~~p(^_^)qキラキラ

Well then, well then,
we’ll go burst with all our power on the final day of the tour with no regretsおねがい星

Everyone, have a wonderful day…ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート


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