Blog update: “Hakone trip! Final chapter (It’s long! lol)”

Maimi wraps up her trip with her close friend in her November 26th update “Hakone trip! Final chapter (It’s long! lol)“. Full translation below.

Yesterday I received a picture of my close friend winkingウインクラブラブlol

“I’ve gotten a little better at winking!ピンクハート” she wrote!!爆笑

I was surprised at how good she’s becomeびっくり!!

“I practiced! Every day!! lol
In front of the mirror!!(•ө•)♡” she saidピンクハート音符

When I imagine her doing that, it’s cute! lol
Continuing to do something every day is important, as expected~_φ(・_・


Now then, my Hakone trip with that friend!!

The final chapterキラキラ

We arrived at the Ubako bus stop without any trouble口笛キラキラ

My friend is looking from behind the bus schedule~えー!lol

It started raining hard around here,
so we took shelter in the bus stop傘

There was already a young girl and her mother there…ニコニコキラキラ

They started talking to us saying “The bus doesn’t seem to be coming, does it~照れおねがいラブラブ

It seems they were also on a trip to Hakone and heading to Hakone station!!キラキラ

Even after we got on the bus,
we were looking at the scenery outside the window and saying things like
“Huh, what’s that(^^)? A pool?キラキラ

and “You’re rightびっくり It looks cold, doesn’t itキョロキョロ Is the water warm??” as the bus swayed~おねがい音符

Talking with someone I don’t know like that warmed my heart~ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート

The change in atmospheric pressure from going up the mountain caused our ears to become strange,

and it seems my close friend was unable to pop her ears,
so again she asked me “Teach me how to pop my earsおねがいピンクハート” lol

I told her “Plug your nose and blow out as hard as you canウインク“,

but she said
“Ah! It only worked for one ear爆笑

“How should I fix the other ear?口笛 Ah!! I’ll just plug that side of the nose?爆笑

( ̄•• ̄)=3

“Ah! Snot came out爆笑アセアセ… Mai-tan, tissue~パー Wahaha爆笑 Well, when I think about it normally, that’s what would happen…f(°∀°) Teheピンクハート“…! lol

The 2 of us laughed a lot爆笑!!
Just how many tissues did I give my friend…(^▽^;)lol

I’m down to my last tissue! lol


While all that was happening, we arrived at Hakone station before we knew it,
and we headed to the innラブラブ


There was a river flowing right before my eyes, so it was a wonderful feelingハート照れ

My friend turned on the hot water~ニコニコラブラブ
We filled it up so we could take a footbath later… But we ended up not doing itヽ(´o`;

(↑Ah! My cellphone is hanging from my neck! lol)

By the way, the view from our room was pretty tooラブラブラブ

And then, we went to a Bali-style massage…


I fell fast asleep(  ゚ ▽ ゚ 😉

I thought my friend was asleep too,
so I said to my friend “Whoa~( ̄▽ ̄) I fell asleepアセアセ You fell asleep too, right( ̄▽ ̄)?”,

but it seems she was awake the whole time(^^;;

I dozed off because I was incredibly comfortable…(^▽^;)

Afterwards, we warmed up in the private bath~(ノ´▽`)ノ

While soaking,
we talked about when we were in elementary school and such(^-^)ピンクハート

We returned to our room and relaxed a little~照れお茶

My close friend took another picture of meキョロキョロ

I was using my cellphone as a mirror(;^_^A
And then, the dinner we were looking forward toラブハート

My friend and I both love eating~爆笑ピンクハート

She often says
“Maimi you barely ate anything when we were in elementary school口笛!!lol

While looking at the menu, we wanted to eat this and that,

and we ordered more than you’d expect for just 2 people…びっくり!lol

I wanted to eat oyakodon and sushi…

My friend wanted to eat tempura soba and sushi…

We were torn over what to order, but in the end…

Let’s order oyakodon and tempura soba and sushi爆笑!!

We will split the sushiピンクハート

We also ordered a loooot from the side menu, so I think the staff was surprised!!アセアセ

One of the inn’s staff kindly said

“Should I bring another plate and dipping sauce so you can share the soba and oyakodon?(^^)”,

and I was so full I couldn’t move for the first time in a whileチューラブラブ

I was happy~~ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート

My close friend tied her hair up after getting out of the bath, and when we returned to the room she said “I’ll dry it before leaving!”,

but she is generally needy,
so she said “Mai-tan~, dry my hairおねがいピンクハート“(´-`) Oh dear. lol

She sat on the veranda soaking in the night breeze,
and she said that the cool air and the heat from the drier felt the best! lol


The fun time was over too quickly,
and it was already time to go home…えーん

When we went outside, the bridge from earlier had beautiful holiday lightsラブキラキラ

As we walked alongside the river to the station,
my close friend happily sang our new song “Arashi wo Okosunda Exciting Fight!”ニコニコ音符

She told me “I sang this in karaoke earlier and got really fired up爆笑 I sang it 3 timesラブラブ The 3rd time was the most exciting!!“…lol爆笑

I’m gladキラキラ

Even though it was a plan I threw together the night before,
it became such a satisfying day…照れピンクハート

That was our fun fun Hakone trip~ラブラブ音符

The end!!ニコニコ


Thank you for reading all the way to the endニコニコラブラブ

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