Blog update: “With China-san!”

Maimi catches up with Chinami before she heads abroad in her November 25th update “With China-san!“. Full translation below.

Good eveningニコニコピンクハート

There was an announcement from Tokunaga Chinami-chanおねがい!!

Before Chii-san goes to study abroadラブラブ!!


We went out to eat delicious Japanese food照れラブラブ

When we met a little earlier,
she was carrying a vocabulary notebook,

and I wonder if she’ll be fluent in English when she comes back爆笑ラブラブ

I’m sure there’s a lot of things about studying abroad that she’s nervous about,
but I want her to enjoy her overseas life with her characteristic brightnessキラキラグー

Teach me a loooooot of English when you returnラブハート

…That said…

I’m stuffedニヤニヤラブラブ
It huuuuuuurts(°_°)lol

I finally gave her the gift from Mexico I hadn’t been able to beforeチュー!!

We were able to talk a lot for the first time in a while, so I was happyおねがいキラキラ

It seems we’ll be able to keep in touch even though she’s studying abroadピンクハート(o^^o)
I’ll take care of Japan while you’re away口笛lol

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