Blog update: “At Mallage SHOBU!”

Maimi the nature-lover finally makes her presence felt at the SATOYAMA & SATOUMI events in her November 23rd update “At Mallage SHOBU!“. Full translation below.

Good eveningお月様

The “Asobu. Kurasu. Sodateru. SATOYAMA & SATOUMI he Ikou 2015 with Yuuki no Tsubasa Aki Fest” event being held at Mallage SHOBU over 3 days finished without any problemsおねがいラブラブ


We only participated today,
but thank you so much to everyone who used their precious 3 days off to participateニコニコピンクハート


Being able say a variety of things about SATOYAMA & SATOUMI and being able to talk to everyone was funピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート

I’ll attach a lot of today’s picturesウインク

Promoting coral skeleton art~キラキラうさぎ

At the Gekkan Diver booth,

Yoshizawa-san and I sold signed copies of the issue that we appear on the cover for\(^o^)/


In addition,
I went to the coral skeleton art booth and helped with sales there too~ピンクハートパー


There was also fund-raising for coral plantingハートハートハート



Thank you very much to everyone who gaveハートハートハート

I also talked about diving and when I planted coralラブラブキラキラ

I hope that I can have a diving tour with everyoneラブラブラブ

In addition! In addition!
During the event promoting Chichibu,
I got to eat strawberries and shine muscat from thereラブラブラブ

They were so deliciousえーんピンクハート
I love fruitハートハートハート

They were a waste to eat, but we also got these cute souvenirsラブ!!

Apples with our names on themりんご
Isn’t it amazing~爆笑ラブラブ

In addition, we got tickets to go strawberry hunting,
and white wine…
Thank you!!

I’ll share them with my family(ノ´▽`)ノ

And then, Onishi Akiko-san did a live painting at the venue during the 3 daysキラキラ


She drew one of my nature experiences from when I was young on that big picture tooラブラブキラキラ

Onishi-san’s drawings are really cute,
and she designs New Year’s cards every year,

and since the Chinese zodiac sign next year is the same as my birth year,
we took a picture with her monkey cards for next yearラブキラキラ


As expected, they’re cute!!

It was a packed day,
and thank you so much to everyone who came and everyone who couldn’t come but still supported usラブラブラブ

I’m starvingおねがいキラキラ

I’ll go eat with my family口笛ピンクハート

Well then, laterパー

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