Blog update: “Ashinoko\(^o^)/”

Maimi takes a trip on a pirate ship in her November 20th update “Ashinoko\(^o^)/“. Full translation below.

We arrived爆笑パー

We rode the ship on the right\(^o^)/

It’s Yajima’s member colorニヤリニヤリキラキラ

My close friend and I took a lot of pictures爆笑カメラ

We said that we each have enough pictures to make a photobook爆笑!!lol

It was windy, so my hair is messy in all of the pictures,

but that was funny too, so we were always laughing爆笑ピンクハート

The mountain’s autumn colors, which we saw from the boat紅葉イチョウ

If the weather was nice, then it’d be even more beautiful…

Well, that’s me…えー

I’m just really glad that it wasn’t raining~~ラブピンクハート

After the cruise,
we rode the Hakone ropeway~~爆笑ラブラブ

Look forward to the next installmentチュー

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