Blog update: “Entered November~!”

Maimi kicks off a new month with some announcements in her November 1st update “Entered November~!“. Full translation below.

We’ve entered November~( ^ω^ )

There’s just 2 months remaining in the yearびっくり!!

Now then,
today at 2:00PM,

Nacky and I will appear on HBC’s “Best Ten Hokkaidou”おねがいラブラブ

Please be sure to check it outニコニコハート

And then,

℃-ute will appear at Nihon University’s Literature and Arts Department’s Ohrei Festival at 3:30PMラブラブ

There’s a concert and handshake event, so please be sure to come and hang out(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

We’re waitingおねがい

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