Blog update: “Happy Halloween!”

Maimi prepares to spend All Hallows’ Eve with the ghosts and goblins of team ℃-ute in her October 31st update “Happy Halloween!“. Full translation below.

Happy Halloweenおばけハロウィン

Today is the last day of Octoberびっくり!!

I’m surprised how fast it went by~~ガーン

Today, on Halloween,
we have a concert in Nagoyaおねがいピンクハート

There are 2 performances at 3:00PM and 6:30PM at Nihon Tokushu Tougyou Shimin Kaikan Village Hall照れハート

It seems a lot of people will be dressing up since it’s Halloweenおばけ

I can’t wait(*^◯^*)キラキラ

Maybe we’ll do something that we’ll only do on Halloween too~~ニヤリ!!

Not too long ago,
Halloween wasn’t this popular in Japanびっくり!!

It’s changed so suddenly in a few short yearsおねがい
The times are changing照れキラキラ



Today at 9:55PM on Saninchuuou TV’s “Chakuseki! Manabiiya β”

and at 12:55PM on NACK5’s “HITS! THE TOWN SPECIAL” comments by us will airおねがいピンクハート

In addition,
at 9:30PM on Space Shower TV Plus,
“℃-ute 10shuunen Kinen Special 2 ~Micchaku! Mexico Kouen” will air againニコニコラブラブ

And then, and then,
Fuji TV’s “Musata” will air at 4:00AM, so please be sure to check it out猫ピンクハート

Well then, let’s enjoy Halloween (o^^o)ピンクハート


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