Blog update: “High-resolution( ^ω^ )”

Maimi comes across some costumed revellers and announces a Hello! Project first in her October 30th update “High-resolution( ^ω^ )“. Full translation below.

Good eveningラブラブ猫

I saw a lot of people wearing costumes on the way homeびっくり!!

Was everyone having a Halloween Eve party(≧∇≦)??

The streets are bustling( ^ω^ )キラキラ

Now then, now then,
in a Hello! Project first,

℃-ute’s high-resolution audio download has begun(≧∇≦)

A high-resolution audio version of ℃-ute’s new single currently on sale,
“Arigatou ~Mugen no Yell~/Arashi wo Okosunda Exciting Fight!”, is now availableウインクルンルン

“High-resolution audio” is a sound quality that holds more data than CD audio has in the past( ^ω^ )音符

I think you can enjoy the songs with the same ambience as when the song was recorded(^^)!

Please be sure to try downloading itラブラブラブ

Download site “mora”PC

℃-ute comment videoカメラ

Check here for how to enjoy high-resolution audio目ハート

※The right equipment is necessary for enjoying high-resolution audio注意
Please look into it before buying high-resolution songsパー


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